Unlimited Productions of Literature, Film and Television

UPLiFT logo

Rae-ann Smith, the Managing Director of UPLiFT is passionate about art, creativity and education – a troubleshooter eager to consider new challenges. Skilled in developing and maintaining a vision, she is an efficient self-starter who produces high quality products. With UPLiFT, she has established a company that expresses her diligence: to match aesthetics with acumen.

UPLiFT exists to do 1 thing in 4 major ways.

Firstly, it strives to use efficient inexpensive and/or open source tools to create aesthetic and intelligent digital and physical marketing products that are affordable and accessible to individuals and small business clients. Secondly, it creates and helps in the creation of high-quality, lasting, memorable pictures – moving or still. And finally, it aims to do practice as research in the arts as well as produce other academic content for teaching and learning. So, all encompassingly – whether written or visual – UPLiFT exists to tell stories.