UPLiFT’s vision for filmmaking in the Caribbean.

When a filmmaker or photographer walks into the Heavyweight Pictures division of UPLiFT, (s)he is met with space fully outfitted with the latest and best equipment for rental, friendly helpful support staff as well as experts (s)he could hire to work on his/her production. Heavyweight Pictures will house a number of fully equipped film stages where multiple film and television productions can occur simultaneously. It will also have a Post Production facility in house where editing, sound design, colour timing and finishing work can be done with ease. The people who work here are artists as well as technical experts in the hardware and software used to create high-quality, lasting and memorable images. They will be on the front line of creating a viable film/television industry in the Caribbean and take that role seriously. They know that they are making an impact on how filmmakers (both local and international) view making movies in the Caribbean as Heavyweight Pictures will be the go-to place in the Caribbean to make movies/television shows/still images. Because of Heavyweight Pictures our Caribbean film/television industry can rival that of others around the world. I as founder of Heavyweight Pictures will therefore have provided a means for Caribbean filmmakers to create the quality look that is needed for Caribbean film/television to compete successfully with films/television shows from anywhere. Because of Heavyweight Pictures, Caribbean films will never be content rich and technically poor. Heavyweight Pictures will be an organisation of great impact on the Caribbean image; a visual art house that isn’t content with being mediocre and of telling the stories of people whose stories weren’t being told before. We will put people on screen who look like us, talk like us, people with whom I and all Caribbean people can identify.

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