Editorial Design and Communication

Sole traders, small businesses need customers to stay alive. They know that marketing is key to keep loyal and gain new customers. But, they may not have the time or the desire to design their own products or manage their online presence. They need UPLiFT’s Editorial Design and Communication, called Lightweight. With our products, small businesses will attract new customers, as well as, inform and reassure loyal clients of the good work they do or sell or make. No longer will the start-up entrepreneur have to fight to create his own branding and ads because he can’t afford an advertising agency to do it for him. No longer will a sole trader have to manage his business’s communication needs – his image, his online presence, newsletters, brochures, etc… – Lightweight lightens his load by carrying that burden for him.

Lightweight is the communication and marketing department for each of our clients. Here, the aesthetic matches the acumen. As a consultant, clients keep us on retainer to plan, monitor and suggest tools for effective communication. As a digital focused shop, Lightweight creates marketing products that attract and inform customers about the quality of service and goods that are offered. Our innovative strategies, therefore, overcome one of the greatest hurdles for small-business owners – especially those without much cash to burn – spreading the word.