No one wants to pay more than necessary for a website.
You’ve seen the ads for “no code” drag-and-drop website builders that sound so easy to do yourself. Except that they’re not. Yes, these sites are highly configurable, but they still require some coding, graphic design, and other knowledge to create a custom, attractive look. Even with the simplification of the tools, the complexity of the web environment takes time, design strategy and experience to manipulate. For example, the number of target screens to design for, such as: desktop, tablet, phone, watch and smart TV, can become onerous. The customary approach is to use templates and responsive design to make the same content populate the (many) different platforms. The problem with this method is that it isn’t automatic! It involves a great deal of work to conceptualize and test every possible type; one of the most vexing and time-consuming endeavours for web designers.
It sounds very heady doesn’t it? You just want to focus on building your business not your website. But you need a website, so, let Lightweight carry that burden for you.

Print and Video Products

Do you need a logo? Do your customers ask for information but you can’t give them any reading material to ponder over? Do you want to put a video ad on your website but don’t think you can afford a professional to make one for you? Contact Lightweight. You can get what you need at a reasonable price.


Photography can be used as a way to compress a great deal of information into a small space. Lightweight can make that space impactful with an artful eye. Contact Lightweight. Ask how you can use our photography services to your benefit.


Do you have trouble with written expression? Or putting ideas down on paper? Do you understand grammatical rules or write with convincing style and energy to command attention to your product or service? Can you attract customers with the written word? No? Do you need help? Contact Lightweight. We write what customers read.

If you are interested in any of the services Lightweight offers, send us a message. We’ll love to hear from you.